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Ontario Debt Clock

How It Works

The debt clock uses data from the current Ontario budget and predicts the amount of increase (per second) based on how much the debt changed from the previous year.

The source of our data can be found here:


Add it to your website

To add the Ontario Debt Clock to your website just copy & paste the following code onto your page:


The Ontario Dept Clock powered by FPM3 depicts the “Net Debt” from the 2018 Ontario Budget. Ontario’s debt is currently increasing by over $500.00 every second and is expected to increase to a total of $348.79 billion during this fiscal year.

It is important to spread awareness about Ontario’s increasing debt in order to educate people across the province. FPM3 has made it easy for companies to add the debt clock to their websites, simply by copy and pasting the code provided above.

If you’d like to see how the clock will look on your website, click on the example images and view the debt Clock displayed on a variety of websites.

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